Badge and Hotel Pricing FAQ

Is badge pricing tiered for early-bird purchasers?

Sadly, no. There are no early pricing tiers. We decided against this for a few reasons.

  1. We have a schedule out very early! We will have a nearly guaranteed schedule out at the time of badge purchasing, which is very unusual for any convention. Most conventions give an early discount because of the uncertainty if there is anything they will even like there; however, we can show you how certain we are! The risk of buying a badge to DashCon is MUCH lower than the risk of buying a badge for any other convention.
  2. We already have guests booked! This drives up convention costs, as well as driving up expected attendees. We have proportioned the cost of that guest (including travel fees, performance fees, audio visual, additional rental space, additional ticket printing costs, etc) across all the attendees. Believe it or not, that concert space makes up almost 80% of all our our space rental fees!
  3. These things, coupled with our expected numbers, which are 10-20x larger than the average first time convention (an average first convention has maybe 300 people, save for special cases like PAX East), means we need to charge more. Our costs are much, much higher than the average first time convention. DashCon is going to cost upwards of $100,000. This is a LOT of money, and our prices are set so we can cover that and have enough for a convention the following year!
  4. Before our first convention is even over, we will begin planning DashCon 2015, and we will need money to do that! Our first convention is predicted to draw 3000-7000 people, and our second convention should increase to 4500-8500 in attendance. More people means more space to rent, and more space means more money!

It all just comes down to a numbers game, making our convention as sustainable as possible, and to accommodate as many people as we possibly can. We know it is a lot for a first time convention, but we are out of the ordinary for any kind of convention, and we are not charging more than others of a similar size.

First time conventions are generally cheap because of the low numbers, not because they are new. We are charging what we need to make this happen, and I am so sorry there isn’t anything more we can do about the price. We did our best to make hotel rooms affordable and to choose a location that most people can reach fairly easily (only 20 min from O’Hare International Airport [ORD) . Hopefully, with those tools in hand, you’ll all be able to attend! 

In addition, we’ve opened our volunteer and panelist applications, each of which comes with perks that can significantly lower your attendance cost. You can find them here:

DashCon2014 Volunteer Application

DashCon2014 Panelist Application

Volunteer Perks:

  • 1-11 hours: receive our undying gratitude
  • 12-19 hours: receive a refund of your badge cost
  • 20+ hours: receive a refund of your badge cost and your hotel room* will be comped for Fri & Sat nights

*This applies only to those who choose to stay in the hotel attached to our convention space. 

We recently dropped that last tier from 25+ hours to 20+ hours. This change is retroactive and includes anyone who meets the new, lower obligation level, even those who applied prior to said change.

It is also fair to note that set up/tear down hours will count as double hours, which means 1 hr of set up or tear down is equivalent to 2 hours worked anywhere else, at any other time.

Panelist Perks:

  • Full-house (100 bodies or a full room): Badge cost refunded for DAY OF PANEL
  • Head count is cumulative: 50 bodies in two separate panels held the same day = 1 full-house

Please keep in mind that panels generally only run for 1 hour, which means you could potentially get your badge comped for a full day after only 1 hour work. Furthermore, with a minimum of 3000 people in attendance, 100 people is only 3% of attendees. Were we to reach the 7000 mark, you’d need only 1.4% in attendance to hit that goal.

How much will hotel rooms cost?

The cost of rooms booked at the hotel attached to our convention space, so long as you book using our group rate, goes as follows:

  • $104/night for single occupancy
  • $119/night for double, triple, or quadruple occupancy
  • There is an additional 14% tax per night occupied

If 4 people share a room, as is often the case at conventions, each person will only pay about $34/night. Booking a room without our group rate would be significantly more expensive and should be avoided.

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