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Hey! I took a gander through your FAQ, and couldn't find any information on this-- it might be somewhere else, and sorry for asking about this if it is! I was wonder what kind of experience you guys have at running cons. Is this your first or have you been involved in running cons before? What attracted you to starting a Tumblr convention?


DashCon is owned by two people- Megan Eli and Roxanne Schwieterman. 

Megan has 15 years of practical business experience. She’s done everything from running a small business to management to customer service to IT work. In addition, she has a solid base of event planning experience as well. She’s proven herself to be organized, effective, professional, and punctual. She’s a published fiction author, and her technical/business verbiage has been placed in the “top 1%” by veterans in our field.

Roxanne has a degree in Hospitality Management from Kent State University, one of the leading universities for that degree. It encompasses event layouts, legal issues, general event planning, accounting, management, mixed in with classes allowing for specializations. She is qualified to open her own restaurant if she so chose, but instead she branched off into conventions. She has volunteered at other local Ohio based conventions and has attended them since the age of 12. She is well versed in the logistics of conventions, from the inside out, as well as bringing to the table more formal business training. 

While this is our first convention we have done start to finish, we have attended/volunteered at a number before and understand them both from the perspective of an attendee and as a staff member. We can spot potential problems from the inside out, and have enough experience attending to be aware of potential user issues and discomfort. We attempt to be as open and available as possible, which is a new frontier for many conventions. We also follow a lot of the same planning processes as bigger conventions which have seen great success, while adapting some parts to fit more with a formal small business format. 

Additionally, we work with some excellent people, both with our hotels and supplies, as well as with some services we have employed. The best people possible are on the job, and if there is anything we felt uncomfortable with, we brought professionals to the table who have decades of experience in the event industry who have made our going as smooth and easy as possible. 

What made us start a tumblr convention, in the end, was tumblr asking for it! There are a number of posts circulating tumblr which all fall along the lines of “I wish there was a tumblr convention” which all have 100 thousand plus notes. 

Where there is demand, someone must give supply, and we are that supply! We felt our background was sufficient to succeed as well as being able to give us the skills necessary to have an excellent convention for all attending. We have the background necessary to provide a safe, both physically and mentally, and fun environment for all who choose to attend our convention, and we endeavor to be respectful and understanding of those who do not. Conventions are not everyone’s cup of tea! 

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