So, after all the night’s confusion and misinformation we want to give everyone the full explanation of the events surrounding 7-11-2014.

First, we did owe the hotel money, and that is nothing I can get around. It’s extremely common to owe a hotel money for an event at the door, and we made our prepayments beforehand. We have an extremely good track record when it comes to making the appropriate payments for the appropriate things, and doing so in a timely fashion.

We worked out a plan with the hotel to give them money slowly for the entire course of the weekend, which was more than 100% feasible for us. However, 12 hours later one of our admins was unexpectedly pulled into a meeting with higher-level hotel staff, at which point they were informed that convention management had to procure $20,000 by the end of the night. It was an extremely sudden change, especially since we had sent them a number of payments before and a considerable sum the night before. 

We could not have been reasonably expected to prepare for the plan to change so suddenly. This sudden change put us in a place where we would not be allowed to open on the morning of 7/12, unless we had the full amount for them the night of 7/11. Unfortunately, the money we needed to pay that amount would not have been coming in until 7/12 in the form of walk-in attendees, as is customary for conventions. Saturday is always the biggest day.  

While the hotel was aware of this, they still required the money to be provided by 10 PM CST. I know that many people believed this to be false, but this was largely due to a miscommunication within hotel staff.

The alternative to the route we perused was to allow the convention to be shut down. Below, is an official letter from the hotel proving that this money was indeed owed, and we had no other route to pursue.


Those who donated VIA paypal, we will be refunding you guys after the convention as soon as possible, starting with the largest amounts, and moving down from there. We can’t thank you enough for the quick response, and we really would have been closed down without the drastic measures which were taken. 

The hotel it’s self was great and they worked with us extremely well, and they are looking forward to having everyone here this weekend! 

Please please please do not give the hotel staff any crap, this change came down from the heavens above. 

For those panels which were rearranged, they will be rescheduled to the best of our ability and will be happening tomorrow! 

Looking forward to this weekend! 

~DashCon Staff 

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